Television’s Depiction of Gender Roles

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The television set is one of the few objects that breaks ethnicity barriers across the nation. No matter what color you are most people own a television set, so the message that is presented can affect a large array of viewers. Another issue is the progression of the gender roles throughout the ages of television; for example, the portrayal of the women in the house. Back when "I Love Lucy" was recently being broadcasted she was always waiting for Ricky once he got home and would do all the cooking and house work. Ricky would be the dominant role in the relationship that also brought in the money for the family. It portrayed the male to be more responsible and intelligent than the shows that are being shown today. It seems like today the male figure is either too dumb or ignorant, or too much of a sorry idiot to even deserve to be in his wife's presence.

That whole image changed along with society. Back in the days of "I Love Lucy" women were not looked on to be the dominant role in the household and now the household is equally if not a feminized environment.