Teleworking Opportunities at AT&T and their Benefits.

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The term 'telework' and 'telecommuting' are often interchangeable, meaning any official work that is being conducted away from an employee's official duty station or at some alternative work site, regardless of whether that location is a home office or some other form of a telework center. The 'tele' prefix means 'distance,' so the 'telework' combination would refer to 'work at a distance.' It means mobilizing your alternative workplace arrangements by communicating with the company from home, a temporary location, or while traveling. AT&T is redefining the traditional work environment by bringing a new level of flexibility to the company and the employees. Telework arrangement that AT&T makes with their employees enables them to either work from home or from a satellite office that's closer to home, instead of commuting. This allows AT&T to offer more attractive jobs to a wider range of candidates and creates opportunities for people who cannot work during normal office hours.

AT&T and their employees have discovered the benefits of working under these teleworking arrangements. AT&T has successfully incorporated a beneficial blend of work and life for their employees, while at the same time are able to slash their real-estate costs and adhere to the stringent air-quality regulations from curtailing traffic in daily commutes. This company has found that by being flexible in their working arrangements that they have been more responsive to their employees and their customers, and have retained key personnel that otherwise may not have been able to remain with AT&T. Their employees who have successfully embraced these working arrangements have been better able to manage their work with their personal lives. For the most part, AT&T has provided their teleworking employees with the flexibility to work on their own terms and in their own desired working environments. Teleworking offers a...