Telivision, For or Against?

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Argumentative Essay on Television

Christopher McNally

The first ever television set was made in 1926 by Scotsman, John Logie Baird. Ever since then almost every home in the United Kingdom has one. Alternate names for television are: TV and the box because the are easier to pronounce.

What do you think of television, good or bad? Continues to be asked. I believe that television is a remarkable piece of technology. I have strong reasons for this.

Firstly, television allows people to view other parts of the world without leaving your armchair. It also shows us different nations and races and how they live their lives. The "Holiday" programme is a great example of this. The news also gives us information of what is happening in the world and is good for people's knowledge and awareness.

Documentaries are very factual and educational. They cover a wide range of subjects like aeroplanes, famous battles and real life hospitals.

In my opinion the best documentaries are the animal ones. For example the "Wildlife on one." I really enjoy this programme because it teaches us about different species of animals, their habitats and what the prey on. The documentaries that focus on real life situations are very helpful to people. They show people how other people have dealt with the problem and it explains to us how to deal with it correctly. Therefore, documentaries have a big influence on our lives and decision-making.

Television is used in schools all over the world as a learning and teaching aid for the children. The pupils watch the programmes very intently because they feel privileged to be watching television in school. It is a proven fact that children learn more by watching the television than watching their teacher. In Great Britain, primary schools tape programmes that...