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PAGE 1 Book Analysis For this assignment it was required that we read a non-fiction book and do an analysis on its contents. The book chosen for this report was "Tell me I'm here" written by Anne Deveson.

This report will be covering the following data: 01. Reference details 02. Book introduction 03. Individuals background 04. Life experiences/ environmental factors 05. Mental disorder experienced 06. A definition of mental illness 07. The classification 08. Model of mental illness 09. Power of the medical model 10. The role played by significant others 11. Outcome 12. Book overview PAGE 2 1. REFERENCE DETILS AUTHOR: Anne Deveson EDITOR: Jackie Yowell BOOK TYPE: Bibliography PUBLISHER: penguin books Australia (1991) MADE AND PRINTED: Australian print group 2. BOOK INTRODUCTION This book is a bibliography, written by Anne Deveson. It tells of her journey with her son Jonathan Deveson who had schizophrenia. For the purpose of this assignment I will be reflecting on the life journey of Jonathan before and after he experienced schizophrenia.

Given that this book is written on his mother's perception of his life, and that Jonathan did not give a lot of feedback into what he was experiencing and feeling with schizophrenia, I can only go by what Anne has witnessed.

3. IDIVIDUALS BACKGROUND Jonathan Deveson was born in Sydney Australia, on the 7th September 1961. He was the first born of three children, his sister Georgia and brother Joshua. His mother Anne and father Ellis separated in 1973 when Jonathan was 13, Jonathan remained in the care of his mother.

In 1979 the family moved to Adelaide, South Australia, this was to be one of the very many moves Jonathan was to make throughout his life.

Jonathan's relationship with his father had never been good. It is said...