Tell-Tale Heart

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Michael Marks Mrs. Parks 9/6/2001 1st A.P. English 12 A Tale About The Tell-Tale Heart The short story, The Tell-Tale Heart, is a powerful epic monologue created by Mr. Edgar Allen Poe. Edgar Allen Poe is a well-respected poet known internationally for his gothic-styled works of art. This particular short story contains the most detailed writing style ever seen by enthusiasts of his writings. The story also has a mind-boggling climax. The Tell-Tale Heart is the greatest, short story written by Edgar Allen Poe.

First of all, this story uses an enhanced, descriptive vocabulary within the content. Edgar Allen Poe uses words repetitiously to sell the pungent suspense that drills into the reader's mind to encourage the continuation of reading the story. Such examples include: "True!-Nervous""very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am." Poe repeats the word "very" numerous times to stress the nervousness of his conscious.

This is a fine example of the way Poe uses words repetitiously to stress suspenseful sections within the story.

Second of all, Edgar Allan Poe uses a compelling climax to really grab the attention of the reader. After he buries the man with the big eye, the police arrive. His own guilty conscious forces his mouth to reveal the horrifying, dismembered body from under the floor. He could have gotten away with the murder if he had been mentally sane to start with. This climax builds and builds till it explodes at the end of the story. This is what draws the reader to endeavor their mind into this suspenseful tale of horror.

To conclude with, The Tell-Tale Heart is a moving story written by a misleading and devoted author. It is a tale containing all the necessary parts for an exhilarating story. The story uses an extensive vocabulary...