Telling Lies: A significant event that changed my life.

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Standing at the end of her bed, Sandra glared out of her long bay window which was situated in the centre of her bedroom. She longed to be part of the crowed. A couple of kids on the road played together when the weather allowed it. She couldn't understand why they didn't like her? What had she ever done wrong? Sandra and her family had only moved there a couple of weeks ago and no one knew anything about them, so why the rejection?As the evening light faded the kids disappeared one by one leaving Sandra still at her window wondering if maybe tomorrow might be her day of joy. She slowly turned away from the window saddened by the happiness of the other children. She wanted to know why she had been deprived of it? She closed her eyes as she lay down in bed with the image of her playing in a field of flowers with her best friends and with the imagination of children's laughter, a tear fell down her cheek as she drifted into a deep sleep.

The sunshine of the bright summers morning awoke Sandra. She felt different today but couldn't understand why? She got up, got dressed as she did every morning but today she decided to wear her special Sunday dress, even though it wasn't Sunday. She proceeded downstairs, ate breakfast and then went into the large sitting room to watch television.

Suddenly a light, quiet knock tapped the hall door. A thrill of excitement spilled down Sandra's spine. She hoped that in some perfect way that it could be for her.

'Sandra' a loud voiced bellowed, 'it's for you.' She walked towards the front door with great anticipation.

'Hi' the girl said. She was tall with sleek blonde hair and a innocent...