It tells about Odysseus and why he is an epic hero.

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Odysseus, from the Odyssey written by Homer, is known as an epic hero. An epic hero is a man, very rarely a woman, who seems to conquer most problems he encounters, and who is usually protected by or descended from gods but does not possess and god-like powers himself. He is faithful to his family, his country, and the gods. He is brave, tries to overcome evil with good, is intelligent, and is guided by the gods. Because they feel fear and make mistakes, epic heroes are not supermen; however their faults do not hinder their ability to overcome their trials and contributions. Odysseus is portrayed as an epic hero because of his many obstacles and encounters. Through each he shows characteristics that make him great, these include, courage, pride, and perseverance.

Courage is strong in Odysseus. This you can tell since he always gets through the obstacles.

An example of this would be when Odysseus and his men were trapped in the cave with the Cyclopes. He thought of a plan to get out and made it work. The plan included him attacking the Cyclopes and blinding him, this was definitely courageous. He was courageous enough to put his life in jeopardy so his men and himself could continue on their way home.

Odysseus takes pride in himself, which is good. It shows that he'

knows he is a good leader and that he knows what he's doing. The only thing is that this pride sometimes gets out of control. An example would be when Odysseus told the Cyclopes his real name after leaving the island. This put him and the men in danger, but of course he saved himself from it. Odysseus's pride can sometimes get a hold of him, but this shows that he...