Tells opinion, summary, anaylsis of characters, & literary devices used in the Prince Of Tides.

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I really enjoyed the book Prince of Tides. I would go as far to say that it was one of my all time favorite books. I was moved by a lot of the situations and controversies Conroy brought up in the stories. It was a very real book and you can relate to a lot of what the author is referring to at any point in the interesting book. Some of the tings that made it draw you back for more was the descriptiveness the author used. Every story that Tom (the main character) told was so detailed and analyzed. Another reason I enjoyed the book was because it was just like real life. Sometimes books tend to make situations a little better so that the book will turn out better and more upbeat. This was not the case in this entertaining text. Real things happened to the people in the book and Pat Conroy didn't scale down or compromise the reality.

There was everything from abuse to rape and cheating on marriages. That was what made you want to turn the page just one more time. I couldn't put it down because it captivated my attention with its southern drama.

Tom Wingo is the main character in this book and it's probably safe to say he is one of the most "normal" humans in the book. He was a man facing many challenges in his marriage and also his sister's well being. Because of a recent suicide attempt from his twin sister Savanna, Tom stays the summer in New York to help his suicidal sister who is also having major hallucinations. He ends up falling in love with her physiatrist, Dr. Lowenstien while he is telling her stories of his and Savannah's past. He grew up in a...