Telus vs. Rogers Corporate Financial Analysis

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Ø Background ----Brief introduction about "Telus" and "Rogers"

TELUS Corporation is the largest telecommunications company in Western Canada and the second largest in the country. As the telecommunications company TELUS is one of Canada's leading providers of data, Internet Protocol (IP), voice and wireless communications services. TELUS also provide and integrate a full range of communications products and services that connect Canadians to the world. The strategy of TELUS is to unleash the power of the Internet to deliver the best solutions to Canadians at home, in the workplace and on the move.

From the 2003 annual report of TELUS, we get some financial highlight of this company. In 2003 TELUS increased 13% of the company's EBITDA and increased $561 million Net Income. For the Free cash flow, TELUS increased $962 million. So TELUS had a great performance in recent years. The development of TELUS Corporation is stable and TELUS have great potential ability in future competition.

Rogers Communications Inc. is Canada's national communications company engaged in cellular, Digital PCS, paging and data communications through Rogers Wireless; in cable television, high-speed Internet access and video retailing through Rogers Cable Inc., and in radio and television broadcasting, tele-shopping, publishing and new media businesses through Rogers Media Inc. There are 3 subsidiary companies of Rogers Communications Inc which are Rogers Cable Inc, Rogers wireless communications Inc, and Rogers Media Inc.

From Rogers' recent 5 year annual reports, we know that last couple years Rogers always get the negative net income in its financial report, but in 2003 Rogers has changed this situation and gain positive net income. At the same time Rogers is during a high speed procedure of development, we can figure out this information from its high rate of growth in recent years.

Then based on this information, we...