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In an article " The Plug-In Drug " the author Marie Winn discusses the bad influence of television on today's society. Television is a " drug " that interfere with family ritual, destroys human relationships and undermines the family.

Marie Winn claims that television over the years have effected many American family life. Since television is everyday ritual, many American tend to spent more time with television than they do with their family and this result in unhealthy relation in family. She also acknowledge that television destroy family unique quality that they carry, such reading, cooking, games, songs and other special rituals. The author claims television also destroys a human relationship. During free time instead working our difference with conversing each other, we are absorbed by imaginary world of television. Therefor we fail to interact through the real world leading to the " distortion of real life relationship." Television gives an escape root for people who need to be spending time on relationships with their family as well as others.

Because children have " one way relationships " with the television, they fail to fully develop their communication and social skills. This further intensifies the decline of the family relationships.

Author also point out television undermines the family. Most parents are now relying on outside sources such as television, schools and certain summer camps to educated their children about life. Relying on these sources, parent have lost sight of the most important way to express love. Time spent with their children talking and sharing is replaced by time spent in front of the television.

But, for most part, author feel television is "drug" that is corrupting today's society. Many of us fail to recognize how it has caused the decline of family rituals, the avoidance of relationships and the destruction...