The Tempest Act IV, Short Story

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Prospero is in the process of apologizing to Ferdinand for having put him through such hard tasks. He tells him that as compensation he will allow the marriage between him and his daughter. Ferdinand agrees with his father-in-law to be who threatens that he must not sleep with her before they are married and he swears an oath to Prospero.

Prospero commands Ariel to "Bestow upon the eyes of this young couple some vanity of mine art."(Line 43). Ariel leaves to gather some of his fellow spirits. Prospero turns to Ferdinand and asks for a stronger vow. Ferdinand swears again and Prospero recalls Ariel.

A spirit called Iris enters the room citing a speech. In her speech, she announces the arrivals and the traits of Ceres and Juno. Ceres asks Iris why she has been summoned and Iris says there is "a contract of true love to celebrate" (line 92).

Ceres asks if Venus or Cupid are now with Juno, and Iris says that they are not.

Juno sings for the blessing of their children and Ceres sings for the generosity of their lands and the prosperity of food. Ferdinand observes and is awe-struck, saying he wants to live there forever, as it seems such a paradise.

Suddenly, Prospero remembers that Caliban, Stephano and Trinculo are planning to kill him, so he stops the celebration. Ferdinand, speaking to Miranda, remarks that it seems strange how her father has such an anger to him all of a sudden. Prospero speaks to Ferdinand, noticing his concern, and tells him not to be dismayed.

Miranda and Ferdinand leave the room and Prospero calls for Ariel. Ariel asks him what he wants and he says that they need to go to Caliban. Ariel recalls that he led the three drunken...