The Tempest Screen Play Review

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The Tempest

Benjamin Winspear's adaptation of the tempest by William Shakespeare is a dramatic play about a wronged duke that is shipwrecked on an island.

Winspear's tempest has been adapted to allow role merging where characters have been removed completely, merged and cast members play multiple roles. The acting standard of this play is high due to the background of the actors and a good director. One main concept of the play is that all the characters stay on the stage to represent that they are confined to the island because of prospero.

The set design was basically a stage with a ship mask on it, the actors moved around the mask to define that they are in a different location when they are not in the current scene. Props including custom design are of contemporary nature, the props consist of clear plastic items and the standard facial props facial props like ears.

With costumes Winspear has chosen to use modern formal clothing, with the Antonio, Alonzo, Stephano, Gonzalo, Trinculo and Sebastian wear suits with leather shoes. Miranda and Ariel, wear a old dress with the colours drained and with Prospero a torn shirt stained with salt water.

Lighting in this play Is a key element to its success. The Lighting in the tempest reflexes emotions and situations, as well as weather like lightning. The lights have been set in the back of the stage to give a bake drop of light, there is different coloured spot lights and mounted on the roof and when combined with a smoke machine sets the environment.

Along with lighting, music and sound affects played a vital role in the play. The music sets the scene and the sound creates a feeling that the audience is part of the play.

This production has been...