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THE MAYAN TEMPLE The temple I built is a Mayan temple that can be found in Central America.

The temple contains many things inside. The temples contain hieroglyphics that tells stories of ancient rulers of the Mayans. carvings. Some are zoomorphic figures (animal figures), and some represent the gods they believed in the carvings on the walls of the temples usually depict Mayan rulers on platforms stairways, plazas, stelae, and altars in these temples.

in Copan, called the Rosalia are gray due to weathering. The Rosalia was built below another temple, which kept the Rosalia intact for so long. The temple is also the main place for worship and sacrifice.

The temples, in Central America, were built by nomads from Asia in search of food. These people crossed the Bering Strait into the Americas. Most scientists believe became home to these temples and people. Most of the people in Central America were farmers.

They became wealthy and began to build temples for their gods.

The model I made for the Mayan temple is made out of Styrofoam from a fan box and of plaster. On Friday I cut pieces of the Styrofoam and shaped them into sides that would piece together. Then I cut three blocks to make the top of the temple. Next I put piece of Styrofoam over those three pieces. I then put all the pieces together and held them together with toothpicks at each corner. Next I got a sharp knife and chiseled out steps from the Styrofoam. The Styrofoam was extremely easy to shape with.

On Monday I got food coloring and the plaster. I used green and red colors and mixed it with the plaster to give it a grayish green color. Then I took a cement smoother and got little bits of plaster and smoothed it on the back of the temple. I got a smaller cement smoother and did the top of the temple. I used the same smoother and carefully smoothed the plaster on the steps and sides. I let the plaster dry and then checked to see if I missed any spots. On Tuesday Ashley and I found a couple of spots and carefully filled the holes. Then I used my finger to smooth the edges of the temple out. The next thing I did was I positioned the temple where the back was facing the fence. On Wednesday we took the label that said The Mayan Temple and that had unit Four and my name.