Temple of Dreams

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Temple of Dreams

A moment..frozen in time,

I am his...and he mine.

Rescue me, as I fall from grace,

After one look upon your face.

Mesmerized....enchanted by you,

Tell me...can this be true?

Once in a lifetime...this chance,

I'm singing a song...dancing a dance..

Free to love, free to live....to need,

Free to want, and give, my heart opens, take heed.

Come to me either by day or by night,

Falling into your eyes..that deep inner light.

Who are you? My angel of love....

Swift..swifter..sweep me up above,

Away into your temple of dreams...

High, higher still...I am floating it seems.

And in this dream, one thought remains...

So much love..more than my heart, can contain.

Copyright ©2004 Robbie