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Essay by BILLMAN April 2006

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When I first joined the armed forces of our great nation, I held up my right hand and committed the next three years of my life to defending this country against all enemies, foreign or domestic, and to follow all the orders of those appointed above me. Then, along with all the other recruits, I fell into formation and awaited those orders. If at this point I had refused to follow orders, what would that have said about the quality of my commitment and allegiance?

Christian soldiers, our faith commitment is in a similar fashion. We come to Christ, not with our right hand held up to Him, but with our heart held open to invite Him in. We've committed, professed, etc. Jesus has given us several commands to follow, and told us we will be known as His disciples if we follow His commandments. The command I wish to examine today is from Matthew 28:1, "Go then and make disciples of all nations..."

There it is: The Great Commission. I have a question, Christian soldiers, WILL WE OBEY?

Evangelism should be part of the natural appetite of being a Christian. It begins in the heart of unselfish Christians who have a concern and compassion for lost souls, a burden which puts us into action. We must be emptied of self, allow the Holy Spirit to fill us, intercede for lost souls in prayer, and go, plead, instruct, and work with the lost!

Then there must be a plan. Every Christian is equipped with one or more spiritual gifts, and we must work within these strengths to develop our own personal method of evangelism. We will be able to find many different ways we can put a plan into action and fulfill Christ's mission for us.