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Why the contents of the readings are important Fundamental to any structure is the basis or foundation on which that structure is built. Such is the case with building a successful company and cultivating a company vision. Core ideology is the primary foundation for creating successful companies. Core ideology defines a company's essence and identity.

Having established an identity through the core ideology, a company can articulate this ideology in a vision statement. The vision statement proffers a qualitative foundation and stepping stone to quantitative strategies and goals. Vision statements determine company culture and attitudes. Without quality vision statements it is difficult to aspire to greater achievements.

With companies now outsourcing many aspects of their business other than their core competencies, many competitive advantages have diminished greatly or have been eliminated altogether. The last great place companies are turning to maintain or gain a competitive advantage is human capital.

Employers are reimbursing their employees in order to get academic degrees and certifications. Employees must be more technically literate for companies to maintain a competitive advantage.

How will companies guide their greatest asset, the employee? Vision statements! Vision statements require parameters within the area the company will compete. This will allow a company to hone its competitive advantage within the market place. After defining the boundaries a company shares the agreed upon vision. Depending on the culture within a company vision statements can generate strong beliefs in the philosophy espoused within the vision statement. Vision Statements can also create animosity particularly when companies acquired through acquisitions must adopt the new philosophy. Many companies to this day have struggled mightily after acquisition due directly to the dramatic changes in philosophy elucidates through new or adopted vision statements.

How to apply the concepts as a professional manager As a professional...