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Tender Bid


Project Title: Kathmandu Travel & Tours

Team Name: Group Bee


Table of Contents

31. Opening Statement �

42. Project Specifics �

42.1 Project Title �

42.2 Project Scope �

52.3 Project Equipment/Resources �

52.4 Time given for the project �

63. Introduction to Project Team �

63.1 Team Name �

63.2 Table: Team Contact Lookup �

63.3 Table: Team Member Roles �

73.4 Team Member Personal Details �

84. Team Environment �

85. Final Statement �

96. Appendices �

9Request to Tender Application Form �



1. Opening Statement

Thank you for your interest in our tender. If we win this tender we assure you that we will provide our best efforts along with our best knowledge and skills. This tender states info regarding our team, our team members our skills and knowledge. This tender summarizes our understanding of the project, and the steps we are going to take to achieve your requirements from this project.

If we win we will finish this project in 24 weeks. This is a very suitable time period to finish a decent and excellence software for our client.


2. Project Specifics

2.1 Project Title

Kathmandu Travel & Tours

2.2 Project Scope

Profile: Travel Agency

Project Description:

We will be making a webpage with data handling. We will be making our webpage based on Dreamweaver, php and mySQL. The webpage will help our client to book:

different flights (both domestic and international)

book hotel rooms

book adventure and fun activities like:

trekking in different countries


bungee jumping



sea diving and many more.

Also our project will create the database management for the client. Which means it will have the function to record of all the customers' details, payment history. It will be an interactive webpage...