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Paul said that he will definitely cry if Lisa sick or far away, but now he won't cry because he knows that Lisa is in a good condition. So, Paul said that there is no reason for Lisa to get maudlin. Lisa didn't understand what the meaning of maudlin is, and then she asked her father. Paul explained that maudlin is an action used by children to get attention.

Then Lisa who wanted to get an attention from his father said that she had Hodgkin disease's and a bad itch on her leg but Paul deny it knowing that Lisa is perfectly fine. Lisa knew about Hodgkin disease's because she saw it on TV last year. Paul said that Lisa should do her homework instead of watching too much television.

After that, Paul urged Lisa to go home. Again, Lisa refused it saying that she really had a bad itch on her leg and wanted Paul to scratch it for her.

Paul said that Lisa is procrastinating. Lisa who's only 9 years old doesn't understand what procrastinating means is. So she got quite upset because her father often uses difficult words when talking to her.

After explaining what procrastinating means is Paul invite Lisa to go home again. Still Lisa didn't want to go home; instead she asked Paul why he doesn't want to talk to her. Paul answered that he does want to talk to Lisa. He promised her that they would have a nice talk at home, but Lisa didn't believe him. Lisa knows that when they got home Paul would read the paper and fall asleep in front of the news.

Paul promised Lisa again that they will talk on the weekend because Paul is taking Lisa to theater this weekend. After agreeing that they...