Tennessee Williams.

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Tennessee Williams

Thesis Statement

This paper will discuss Tennessee Williams literary work, "The Glass Menagerie" and his early life.


I. Early life

A. Birth

B. Parents

II. Middle Life

A. The vengeances of Nitocris

B. University of Missouri

C. New Name

III. Later life

A. A Street car named Desire

B. Awards

C. The Class Menagerie

D. Death

Tennessee Williams became a successful writer for his motion picture screenplays. However, he was best known for his plays. Williams's characters were developed from personal relationships with family, friends, homosexuality, and alcohol. This paper will discuss Tennessee Williams literary work "The Glass Menagerie" and his early life.

Tennessee Williams was born on March 26, 1911. His life started in the small town of Columbus Mississippi. Tennessee's parents Cornelius Coffin were a traveling salesman for a shoe company. Even Williams started writing at an early age, he showed interest at age eleven and his mother bought him a typewriter.

Tennessee's mother, Edwina Dakin, stayed home and took care of the kids. C.C. Williams was not a good father and had to support his habits. Which were drinking and gambling. His wife did not approve of this because C.C only made sixty-five dollars a Monty. C.C Williams did not like his kids' he gave Tennessee a nickname, which was "Miss Nancy."

At the age of sixteen Tennessee had written his first story, "The Vengeance of Nitocis" and was published by Weird Tales magazine. Two years later in 1929, Tennessee entered the University of Missouri, hoping to major in journalism. Toms deep south accent and poverty made him a target of his schoolmates and earned him the name of Tennessee. The most important events of those years in Washington University were his newfound love of theater. Tennessee also joined a theatrical group. The family's...