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"All quotations not otherwise identified come from Tennis A Cultural History by Gillmeister and will be referenced simply by page number in the text of the essay."Tennis scores are gift from according to Gillmeister. Since tennis is a demanding sport, you need a lot of energy to play this sport well, and when you do you will score. The energy you contribute to get that score is a sacrifice to God and thus, God give you more points in return for you sacrifice. After reading the book Tennis A Cultural History written by Gillmeister, one will be amazed by the detailed information that he gives the readers. The book is unbelievably detailed, however will be such a dull book to people who have no interest in tennis or history of sports. Gillmeister spent more than 20 years investigating the history of Tennis which lasted more than 800 hundred years. He found many different kinds of literature about tennis from poems, statues, paintings and other sources that have explanations about the cultural history of tennis.

He discovered that tennis is game of honor, like a knight fight in the Middle Ages. He brings readers very detailed historic information in how tennis developed globally. He shows readers that the development of tennis is an epitome of the development of the society. Like the society, there is a long history in tennis; however, it didn't change a lot until the last few centuries, more accurately, since 1870s. In order to understand the connection between the development of tennis and the development of the society, a few areas should be investigated: the way it changes the economy, the way it influences the social conditions and the way it deals with gender prejudices.

First of all, economy is one of the big gears that...