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Response to Topic A:Andrea FrinkTeraTech wants to incorporate a product with analytical software, which would provide information on consumer trends. The analytical software would help the salespeople to better perform in describing to the doctor benefits and potential risk of the current pharmaceutical drug that the company was currently representing. Every company has a potential risk when introducing a new product. Kellogg's introduced breakfast mates, which was prepackage cereals in a plastic cup with a spoon and milk. The ideal of the pre-package is a great product; however Kellogg's had more then a few problems regarding the quick and easy breakfast cereal. The first problem was the milk was precooked and had a self life of six months and the taste was unpleasing, the second problem the advertisement did not relate to the consumers. Kellogg's suffered from poor execution of the marketing mix. Although the, price and distribution was correct, when Kellogg's promoted the cereal many consumers did not agree the commercial which showed a couple sleeping or getting ready for work while the child ate the breakfast mates.

Many of the consumers found the cereal pointless, because the child can open a regular box of cereal and milk instead of the breakfast mates. Another key factor why Kellogg's breakfast mates fail was because of the taste. The milk was precooked in order to prolong the shelf life, which became a displeasing taste for the consumer. TeraTech can learn from Kellogg's because the company has plenty of successful cereal brands and before launching a new product TeraTech continually go over the marketing mix to ensure they meet each element of the marketing mix.

Response to Topic A: Esmirna MaloonNorthrop Grumman has in interesting approach to customer satisfaction. The following article was selected due to that approach and relevancy to the...