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Out Line I. History A. Japanese animation 1. 1958- a. "Legend of the White Serpent" first anime style movie (1958) b. "Speed Racer" becomes popular in Japan and USA (1967) c. "Macross" released in Japan, later American version "Robotech" premieres in USA(1982) d. "Akira" released (1988) e. "Ghost in the Shell" first anime movie to combine Cells and CG (1995) f. "Pokemon" takes the worlds youth by storm (1997- ) II. Styles of Drawing A. similarities 1. simple lines a. charitures drawn using simple outlines 2. bright colors a. charitures inked with bright vibrant colors B. Differences 1. Eyes a. Japanese anime eyes are Large for younger "cute" chariturs, slim for more serious chariturs b. American animation eyes tend to be stereotypical comic style eyes 2. Hair a. Japanese anime can be big or simple. Wide range of color b. American animation Typical styles of time period, mostly natural colors 3.

Mouths a. Japanese anime tend to vary in size depending on situation b. American animation tends to constrict to one set size III. Plot and Story Development A. Stereo type plot, American 1. Tend to be simple Good vs. Evil idea's B. Stereo type plot, Japanese 2. Can be any type found in movie or book, Romance most prominent IV. Audiences A. American Animation audiences 1. Kids a. Movies such as "Quest for Camelot", "A Goofy Movie" and "Fern Gully" b. Animated TV series such as "Ren & Stimpy", "Gargoyles", "Freakazoid" 2. Adults a. Movies such as "Heavy Metal" b. Shows such as "South Park" and, "Bevis and Butthead" V. Proportions in to days society A. American animation 1. lots of American shows and movies being produced and viewed B. Japanese animation 2. Video games and many imported TV shows, movies, and OAV's Releases...