Terminal Man

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Terminal Man 1A. Terminal Man….. I think of dead man or sick man. The title really stuck out to me.

B. It is a good author. I read a book by him before.

C. This book will be very good and I'll be able to get into it.

2A. I think that Benson will be diagnosed with a terminally ill dieses because he is in a hospital.

B. Not so interesting, they are just in a hospital. I know it will get much better though.

3A. The main character… wow, there is a few of them. I think I will describe Benson because he is like the main, main character. In my eyes, I see Benson as a very nice but weird guy. I see him with great smile and the deepest eyes that would just win you over. He is a very nice person; he likes to know everything that is going on.

He wants to know exactly what they are going to do to him. He is a very smart person, he is a computer programmer.

B. Well, in the book now, they are doing the surgery. They are implanting the electrode in his brain. This is supposed to make him stop doing the things he is doing. Things such as hitting people and really beating them up. He would black out for periods of time not remembering anything.

C. There is no real solution. This is because they are just putting it in his head.

D. No reason.

E. The thing that still really sticks out in my head is the scene where they are talking about his surgery with all the doctors are sitting there. He was also in the room and he shouldn't have been. They we talking about what they are going to do to him and asking him questions. I remember they did this to me and it really scared me. When they were talking about cutting me from ear to ear. I was so scared; it is not a cool feeling.

4A. They finished putting the thing in his brain but it only turns worse from here.

B. They surgery was finished.

C. After the surgery and after the sedatives wore off Harry snuck into a closet and stole an orderly's gown and left the hospital. He was picked up by a lady named Angela Black, who Harry killed when they got to her apartment. After the investigation of the murder of Angela Black Dr. Ross went home to take a shower. When Dr. Ross got out of the shower she found Harry standing in her living room. The computer in Harry's neck was somehow malfunctioning and shocking him every few minutes. When the computer shocked him enough times it would cause a seizure. After a few minutes of talking to Dr. Ross, Harry had a seizure and attacked her. While Harry was choking her she reached and turned on the microwave, which messed up the atomic power pack in his shoulder and caused him to pass out.

D. I predict that something serious will happen and they will try to redo the surgery.

5A. When all of the doctors got back to the hospital they got a phone call from Harry that came from inside the hospital. They soon figured out that he was in the basement near the main computer. The cops and Dr. Ross went down to the basement to find Benson. When they found Harry he took off running so the cop went after him. Dr. Ross went into the computer section and found the main computer smashed. Suddenly Benson came into the room and saw that Dr. Ross had his gun which she had found near the computer. Harry asked for the gun and Dr. Ross said no. Harry came up to her and tried to take it and she shot him in the chest and he died.

B. The ending was awesome. It was really action packed and I figured that somehow, the book would get a lot better.

C. I was really surprised that Benson was killed.

D. I was really satisfied with the ending. I don't think I could have done it better myself. It was a real mind boggler.

E. No not to me, it was over all a really good book.

6A. and B. To me this book was really good. It said something to me. That is don't jump to conclusion.

C. It really brought back memories from when I broke my jaw. I really took me back there wanting to know everything that was going on. The getting off the drugs they give you. It really made me open my eyes.

D. I would yes, just because I liked the book and if I like a book it is probably good because I really don't like reading.

7A. edema pg 4, angular pg 14, disinhibitory pg 21, emeritus pg 25, flagrantly page 29, encompassed pg 29, psychodex pg 49, anesthetist pg 64, stereotaxic pg 67, oscilloscope pg 112, pathologist pg 126, indigenous pg 147, limbic pg 155, schizophrenics pg 177, fascination pg 212.


Severe pulmonary edema, Morris thought as he watched her taken into one of the treatment rooms.

She herself felt she was too bony and angular, and she often wished she were more softly feminine.

If the focus is in the temporal lobe, as in Mr. Benson's case you get acute disinhibitory lesion syndrome.

Manon was nearly seventy-five, an emeritus professor of psychiatry who rarely came to the hospital any more.

She regarded surgeons as flagrantly action-oriented men desperate to do something.

After ten years of steady expansion, the Nueropsychiatric Research Unit encompassed the entire fourth floor of the Langer research building.

She went to the corner and poured herself a cup of coffee, then fed the test card from Benson's latest psychodex into the computer.

The anesthetist was outside with Benson.

She waited until the sterotaxic mechanism was in place and the coordinates were determined.

A third TV screen ran an oscilloscope tracing of the shock pulse as it was delivered.

His reaction was so stereotyped - the pathologist drawn to the violence and death.

Local psychiatrists recognized an indigenous depersonalization syndrome.

His operation on Benson was directed toward a specific part o the brain, the limbic system.

Then she'd discovered that showers were used to treat schizophrenics.

Now there was a subject of almost compulsive fascination.


Edema - An excessive accumulation of serous fluid in tissue spaces or a body cavity.

Angular - Bony and lean; gaunt.

Disinhibitory - not in dictionary Emeritus - A veteran who has honorably completed his service.

Flagrantly - bad or offensive.

Encompassed - To enclose; envelop.

Psychodex - not in dictionary Anesthetist - A person specially trained to administer anesthetics.

Stereotaxic - A method in neurosurgery and neurological research for locating points within the brain using an external, three-dimensional frame of reference usually based on the Cartesian coordinate system.

Oscilloscope - An electronic instrument that produces an instantaneous trace on the screen of a cathode-ray tube corresponding to oscillations of voltage and current.

Pathologist - The anatomic or functional manifestations of a disease.

Indigenous - Originating and living or occurring naturally in an area or environment.

Limbic - Of or relating to the limbic system.

Schizophrenics - Of, relating to, or affected with schizophrenia.

Fascination - The capability of eliciting intense interest or of being very attractive.


That man has edema in his head.

Big Bertha is the exact opposite of angular.

word not in dictionary George Washington was a very emeritus man.

Racist comments are very flagrantly to some people.

The shadow of the large man encompassed the little cat.

not in dictionary That girl over there is planning on being an Anesthetist when she grows up.

What is that guy doing to his head? He is using a method called stereotaxic to find out information about his head.

What is that thing that is writing all over the screen? It is an Oscilloscope.

That is gross you can see the pathologist of that disease.

Those fish are indigenous to the water.

The Limbic system is located in your brain.

I had no clue what a schizophrenics until I looked it up.

Man, check out that girl she is fascination.