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Terminator is the movie directed by James Cameron in 1991. It was released on Oct 21, 1997 in DVD by Artisan Entertainment. The main actor in this movie is Arnold Schwarzenegger as T-2. The movie is about the fights between two robots-T-2 and T-1000. They are both the products of the future 2029s when the machines will be controlling the whole world. T-2 is sent back to the past by John Connor, who will be the leader of human mankind in the future to protect him from being murdered by T-1000 which is sent back by Skynet. It used to be the best Computer Program of human.

People will never know what is going to happen to them once they put all their beliefs on computers. James Cameron represents the clear look of desire and fear that man has towards his technology. People project in a robot their wild desire of immortality, holds in a powerful and indestructible artificial being, which intellective, sensory, and motor capabilities are much more amplified than that of a normal man.

However, there is a fear that a too advanced technology can get out of control, acting against man and that is not just the theory. In Terminator America government extends this principal even further as humanoid machines and automated patrol crafts are used as the backbone of its defense forces. A vast computer network known as Skynet is created to coordinate battlefield tactics. They do not let people do it because they think computers would be more accurate. It is decided to place these "objective" machines in charge of nuclear weapons deployment as human leaders believe that humans could act with hast or with lack of reason in such important decisions. However as time progresses the computer network Skynet becomes "self aware" and...