The Terminology and Concepts of Organizational Behavior

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Organizational behavior is a concept or tool for businesses motivated to meet the needs of its employees while being aware of the impact each individual has on an organization's behavior. Organizations must consider what employees want and what concerns they may have. The answers are not always the same. However, there are some consistent responses such as recognition for work well done, job security, a balance between work and family life, and competitive salary and benefits. There is a fundamental need for organizations and managers to know what their employees value, how they feel, and be accommodating so as to keep the organization on the leading edge of productivity and profitability. The Unilever organization has cultivated healthy organizational behavior. It gives recognition through rewards, both monetary and in terms of personal satisfaction. One such method of recognition is the Values in Action Reward. Any employee may submit a recognition request for coworkers whom they feel have demonstrated exceptional organizational values and behavior.

In this ever-changing business world, job security has become a big concern with many employees. Though job security is always a concern amongst employees, Unilever has implemented the Personal Development Plan (PDP) which is designed to develop skills of individuals and provide a clear career path. This process helps employees feel more secure in their jobs and to become more valuable in terms of developing the skills the organization needs to achieve company goals. Further, Unilever understands the need for employees to have a healthy balance between personal and professional lives. They offer flex time, shared work programs, work from home opportunities, and seminars to educate employees in such areas as stress and health awareness. Additionally, they offer bonus incentives in addition to yearly merit increases and other good employee benefits.

One key component that gives an organization...