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Terms Comparison Paper

Mildred Williams


December 16, 2013

Dr. Vernita Davis





Terms Comparison Paper

According to Getzen (2007), " money drives the health care system just as it does many other activities in a modern industrial society" (p. 2).

Economy is driven by money. There will exchange of money for services rendered and the purchase of goods. In this day and age, you no longer are able to get goods or services by offering the seller a type of service or some other type of goods in exchange. Those equal barter trade is a thing of the past.

In this paper, we will identify three terms usually used in economics and health care. We will compare these three terms and differentiate what it may mean in health care and economics.

The three terms used for this purpose are trade, finance, and funds.

Three Terms


As Getzen (2007) noted all people are involved in some kind of barter or trade, which could be goods, services, money, time, favors, and information for the purpose of being better. Both parties must benefit of the trade. Trading is exchanging. The term trading in economics, it is the exchange of goods between a buyer and a seller. The seller will offer particular goods for the exchange of money from the buyer. The seller will gain a profit from the trade which boost economy.

Trade in terms of health care, though the same as exchanging goods, health care more so offer services and medical care. When a provider is offering services to a patient like seeing in primary care for annual medical history and physical, or an orthopedic surgeon offering a patient to operate on the patient's knee to correct a degenerative joint disease,