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Chapter 23 Homework

Terms/Names Section 1 & 2

Old Regime-the old form of government, monarchy, in France with King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette-Queen of France married to Louis XVI. She was hated by the third estate because of her excessive spending of their taxes and her overall frivolous lifestyle. Was supposed to provide France with an alliance with Austria but this failed. estate 
 LouisXVI- incompetent king of France during the Revolution. He wasn't ready to lead a country and the people hated him. He was eventually executed for treason. National Assembly-government formed by the third estate and certain first estate members that forced Louis to sign whatever they wanted Tennis Court Oath-the oath made by the National Assembly promising to make a new constitution Great Fear-rumors that nobles campaign to terrorize peasants Estates General- an assembly of representatives from all three of the estates or social classes in France

Legislative Assembly-French congress with the power to create laws and approve declarations of war, established by the Constitution of 1791 guillotine-large blade used to execute thousands of french citizens during the Revolution Maximilien Robespierre-Leader of the Revolution. He supported the overthrow of the monarchy and was an eloquent speaker that sent thousands of "traitors" to the guillotine during the Reign of Terror. Reign of Terror-time in France when more that 40,00 French citizens were executed émigré-a noble fleeing France for fear of the guillotine 
 sans-culotte-radical city worker that wanted to kill the king. Named for their clothes that mocked royal life. Jacobin-extreme Revolutionists that wanted to kill the king and overthrow the monarchy

Based on your reading, was the Revolution inevitable? Yes. Ultimately, perhaps by the mid-19th-century, British North America would have become independent in the same way Canada, Jamaica, and Australia became independent and self- governing under...