Terrell Owens Suspension Arbitration

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Throughout the 87 year history of the National Football League many players provided unique qualities to their respective organizations. An NFL franchise is comprised of gifted athletes working together to achieve a common goal of winning games and the ultimate experience of participating in a Super Bowl. Like all business organizations an NFL team maintains traditions and certain philosophies shaped by management in an attempt to build an elite franchise.

For example, the Dallas Cowboys are known as Americas Team due to immense popularity around the country. The Oakland Raiders became known as renegades for assembling teams made up of trouble makers and rejects from other organizations while the Pittsburgh Steelers won championships with brutal and violent defense. Although different in philosophy each of these organizations consistently won through personnel stability designed through management.

Each team has a management section normally comprised of the owner, general manager, and in some cases the head coach.

During the first 75 years of league existence, college players were selected through a common draft and remained with the same team until traded, released or chose retirement. However, the players union argued that after spending a certain amount of time with a team, the player should be allowed to become a free agent and sign with any team upon completion of current contract.

Money became an issue as team owners received millions of dollars from television revenue while players demanded a percentage and free agency rights as part of any collective bargaining agreement. Strikes and work stoppages occurred in 1974, 1982, and 1987 as a result of ownership refusal to meet these demands. However, in 1992 a new collective bargaining agreement was reached granting free agency to players with a minimum of 4 years league experience. Revenue sharing of television money went to players with...