A terrible misunderstanding

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They entered the store. Sara looked in amazement at the twenty foot tall white Christmas tree. She was admiring the decorations. Green, red, orange, yellow, and every color you could imagine. Though, it seemed weird to her that there were no black decorations. Still looking at the tree she asked his fiancé, "Tom, why do you think they don't have black decorations?" Tom looked at her with a dumbfounded expression. "Um, Sara...Let's think. Christmas is about joy and love, which means, "FUN" colors,” and with that he turned his attention back to the items in the store. Sara shook her head remaining herself once again that not everyone had her same view on what’s joyous and fun.

She sighed and followed Tom deeper into the store. They were doing some last minute shopping for the grand annual Christmas celebration. Sara’s family always made a huge fuss over Christmas throwing one fabulous party every year.

It was one occasion almost everyone in town looked forward too. It was a night of singing and dancing and basking in the Christmas spirit with the ones who were closest to your heart.

Snapping back to reality Sara noticed she had lost sight of Tom. Quickly scanning the shop she found him at the counter throwing one of his charming smiles at a petite red-headed girl. She knew what a friendly person he was but she couldn’t help but feel the cold stab of jealousy. Making her way towards him she cupped her arm in his and led him out of the shop. After coming up with the lame excuse of needing some air Tom decided no to press the issue but instead told her to meet up later as he still needed to buy one last gift. Instead of complaining about his secrecy...