Terrified of Schools

Essay by super_unknown_star April 2005

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When I was young I used to hate going to school. I remember that I kept crying for hours in my first day at Happy House. Finally, I felt better after five days or six but I was a little bit scared. Going to school is a scary thing for youngsters for many reasons; it is a big change for a child, it is an early responsibility child may has and it is the first interact for the child with the society.

Going to school is considered one of the biggest changes in a child life. The child was more free to do what he likes; because he used to walk up, have his breakfast the time he want it and watch some cartoons; but now it's completely not the way he used to have. He now must go under little rules, he wait for the teacher to tell him when it will be time for a little breakfast meal and even the cartoons time.

He has to be more patient and not to rush things; he must wait for his turn in playing with any toy or game. The last cause is that he feels scared of being away from his parents specifically his mom for all this time.

In addition to the change that school bring to the child life; it's a kind of responsibility he has to face. Many children scared for the responsible of doing homeworks. They fear of not doing it right and fear of the punishment that waiting for them if they forgot to do it. It's also a scary thing to be graded in what are they answer and act, because they don't like to be differentiate in evaluation and be embarrassed in front of the whole class. Third, children were used...