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Terrorism "An act of Violence and Evil" Kenric A. Gillespie CFAS 1110: English Composition 1 Fall 2001 Kuldip K. Kuwahara T/Thru 6-7:15pm A day that will never be forgotten, a day that will be inputted into the history books, a day of Violence and evil, the day of September 11, 2001. It started out a normal day for myself and the rest of the country. I woke up and went on with my normal day-to-day routine. I went and got in my car around six thirty in the morning (eastern time). On my way to school there was only music playing. After class around eight fifty in the morning I found there was no music playing, only silence. I flipped from my favorite station to the next to only here talking. I thought this was odd. Not really listening to what they were saying I finally stopped and just listened, "A plane has just crashed into the World Trade Building", was broadcast.

It was then stated it was a commercial plane. My heart felt so heavy, I begun to think, I hope there wasn't anyone on the plane? I started to think out loud saying that I was not going to get on another plane again.

There has been so many plane crashes over the last ten years that have people thinking if it's safe to fly. The popular R&B singer Ayliaha had just been killed in a terrible plane crash just a week and a half ago. Panic had not set in until twenty minutes after the first plane crashed. As co- workers and myself set by the television trying to get more information the second plane hit. I could not believe what I had just seen. The second aircraft dove right into the building. I really didn't believe...