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World Of Terrorism Terrorism. This is a word that now has a new meaning to people all over the world, it can affect lives, societies, and much more. A year ago if you said to the American government that there Trade Centers would clasps due to terrorism, they would probably laugh.

But that is exactly what happened in result of the recent attack upon New York, on September 11 2001. No one could have been prepared for the hatred upon that day. Ever since the attack people have actually thought what terrorism really is. Well, terrorism is an event that is easier to describe than define. It has been described as a horrible use of violence, or threat of violence to create fear upon people. Terrorism can affect anyone, from religious groups, to governments, and even innocent people/ Like I said before, we do not have to look far for terrorism.

United State of America had been the latest victim to terrorism, which has now turned into a worldwide search for Osama Bin Laden. On September 11 2001, USA experienced from the most horrible terrorist attack in history. The attack lead by Osama Bin Laden was a thought out hijacking of 4 commercial jetliners. Two of the jets were sent into two 110-story twin towers in New York's World Trade Center. There were no details available on how many people died, but there were thousands of people who worked in the buildings. In the World Trade Center alone there were 50,000 employees. The third jetliner did not do as much damage as the first one, but it landed towards the Pentagon, in Arlington, Virginia. This attack also resulted in serious damage. This attack caused the U.S government to launch a worldwide investigation, which placed the blame on...