Terrorism In The 21 Century

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Introduction It is the beginning of the new millennium, The cold war has been over for more than a decade now and for the first time in a half century the world is free from the spectra of a nuclear apocalypse. It should be a time of peace and prosperity, but all over the globe the ambers of old animosities have been fanned into flames by the winds of Freedom; and Terrorism in this 21st Century as an International Threat. Every conceivably weapon that could possible be imagined was now available on the black market. Money and various other criminal expertise flow freely on the World Wide Web and it is becoming increasingly harder for all Countries around the world to combat this growing threat.

Terrorism today is defined as the art of using terroristic methods or means against any race, religion, country and/or social economic group while applying a threatening use of serious force to demoralize, intimidate and /or subjugate a political weapon or policy against another.

Modern Day Terrorism On July 23,1968, a group of terrorists from the popular front for the Liberation of Palestine, hijacked one of Israel's El Al airlines in Rome and forced its pilots to fly to Algiers.

This particular event has been considered as the opening volley in a cowardly war that has been relentlessly waged against innocent citizens of the democratic societies of Western Europe, the United States, Israel, and Japan. It has been estimated that more than 550 terrorist organizations exist around the today and that number is continually growing at an alarming rate. The tactics used by these groups vary from Murder, Kidnaping for Ransom, Arson, Bombings, Train Robberies, Attacks on Government Facilities and Installations and Airline Highjackings and Bombings.

Then came the development of new types of explosives and...