Terrorism: 3 main causes.

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Terrorism is a major threat we have in our society today. September 11th has got many peoples attention and many people have noticed terrorism and seen the dangers it can cause. We must first understand the causes of terrorism to prevent such acts of danger from occurring. Religious, ethnic, and government differences are the three main causes of terrorism in the society in which we live in today.

Much terrorism is caused by religious beliefs in which people formulate an idea of how the world and everyone in it should be. These terrorists religions are determined to destroy anything that stands between them and their ideal world. One mans vision can change an entire religion. The head of a terrorist religion is defined as having had "severe blows to self image, and an effectively functioning person deserving the respect and attention of others". Depersonalization is a prime factor that occurs in the mind of a head terrorist.

As once described by Lawrence Freedman, "Depersonalization man is able in a sense, to abandon his status as a person and to act only as the instrument of a larger group". After the terrorist has taken control of a religion, he or she then convince the followers that those who oppose their beliefs are enemies. In recent days, Osama Bin Laden has used his power of manipulation in an attempt to turn the Islamic world against the United States.

Ethnic terrorism occurs when a person's culture is being threatened by outside influences, and in turn lashes out against those outside influences. It seems everywhere a terrorist looks in their country; they see the evidence of foreign cultures. They worry that the way they believe and think is being erased. In developing countries, ethnic terrorist see the United States to...