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"You never know what you got, till it's gone." That is one great quote, though I do not know who first cited it, or what it meant to that person. I do know what it means to me, and the way I look at my America though.

It started out as just another day for me, hitting my snooze bar on my alarm clock and getting ready to start my day. That is until my cell phone rang, and it was my mother telling me that a plane crashed into the pentagon. To most people that would just is a scare. But not me, you see my uncle works there and has for years, so my mother and I were worried.

Receiving a phone call from him later in the day reassured his safety. Though he explained to us that he was scared, and he knew the terrorist attacks were not over.

He also spoke of where the plane hit. Which was one sector away from his. He later told us that him and a friend grabbed a man that was running on fire and put him out, now step into his shoes.

As I sit in your class I listen to what an ex-Marine, and an Air Force reserve have to say. While all along they really don't know shit, except for what they are told, or the orders they are given. So in other words they just talk to feel important.

The government were said to have people hidden in places from mountains in Maryland, to government buildings in Chicago. They also say they are doing what they could to find Bin Laden, and they just could not pinpoint where he was. They though they had him in a 30 square mile radius, but once again they were...