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I chose this article on the effects that terrorism has had on the freedom of Americans because it presented some relevant points on the " American's right to freedom vs. better security" issue. After reading this article I have a better understanding of both views. Overall, it made me wonder: Are these new security measures taken going to limit my freedom or are they really going to stop terrorists? This issue is important to me and should concern all Americans since it is going to "change our lives." The effects of terrorism on the transportation system are immense. Will Americans want to be strip-searched? Do American's feel that their belongings (luggage) should be scrutinized/ransacked by airport personnel, for no apparent reason, without a search warrant? Do we want video cameras comparing our picture to those of others on a list of worldwide criminals as we enter the airport or take our seat at the Super Bowl? On an even more personal level, do we want our employers to read and monitor our e-mail at free will? I find these points and others relevant to this topic very interesting and informative.

This issue relates to the Unit on Laws, Rights and Justice as one of this year's themes. Since the outcomes of these terrorist events have a direct impact on the way American's live, we should all take part in securing our freedom AND our safety. These events may infringe on our freedom but increase our safety. It is a delicate balance we must strive to achieve.

I feel that some measures should be taken to increase our safety, yet not give away many freedoms. Personally, I don't care if they want to search my suitcase, but I do not want my body to be...