terrorism and fundamentalism

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Terrorism and Fundamentalism

It has been over ten years since the attack of 9/11; many lost their lives and loved ones in a horrific tragedy. Today many have a hard time talking about the incident because we continue to "find remains of the 2,996 people who died that day" (9/11 Commission). Since this horrible incident, we see many news reports use the term "fundamentalism", "terrorists", and "extremists". This has become a common issue here in the United States because with the use of these words do new reports use them with verifiable authenticity, or loosely place within the current literature to capture a wider audience? In this essay, it will attempt to clarify these terms that are used today so vaguely with what we have covered in class and while doing my research on the top.

Today the media although it may be an odd thought, having such a greater media production and larger audience then it has even seen before in their entire history of the world have deprived societies.

It has become so difficult for citizens who watch or read the news to understand the truth become of the conflicting ideas that have been brought upon us. When looking at research that is done today it has become quite difficult for one and will have to go through several sources and opinions before it can even be published. For example using the term "fundamentalism" it is one of the many terms that people will come across, especially now because of the attack that happen on September 11, 2001, an event that everyone is still recovering from.

This word has become to be one of the most controversial words since because most of us have learned to interpret "fundamentalism" as...