Terrorism In Chicago.

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When one contemplates the threat of terrorism affecting a major city within the United States one undoubtedly first thinks of New York. Although New York suffered the worst and most horrific attack in the history of this country Chicago has and continues to be a target as well. The history of Chicago proves evident that the city has withstood its fair share of crimes and attacks that have threatened the overall security of the city and its citizens in general. Specifically the Hay Market Incident and The Chicago Fire (although not an intentional attack) both demonstrated catastrophic danger to the welfare of Chicago. The race-riots that occurred during the civil rights movement in the city further established the threat and its ability to spread if not taken care of in a timely fashion. Although none of these events qualify for today's definition of terrorism; foreign or domestic, they are nonetheless serious enough in nature that they must be dealt with accordingly and even more so prevented from occurring in the future.

The recent proposals by Mayor Richard M. Daley to incorporate a series of surveillance cameras throughout the city have caused interest in Chicago's attempt to maintain public safety and combat the threat of terrorism on both sides. Proponents and opponents alike have followed this situation with special concern. Those who support it claim it will deter crime of all kinds from occurring in areas where cameras have been and will be set up. Opponents argue that this is just another case of the government acting as "big-brother". Either way one must admit that terrorism has drastically affected the way citizens live their lives in one-way or another and even more so the means in which the United States government functions in its duty to protect its citizens. The mayor...