Terrorism in Islam.

Essay by MarinacarnatD+, October 2005

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Terrorism has no religion. The terrorists have no concern with the religious ascriptions of their targets. Their sole interest is to spread terror. Their actions are not representative of their creed, but of their intolerance toward all that is against their personal liking (which they may have derived from an incorrect understanding of their religion). It is, thus, that you find the same terrorist groups operating not only in non-Muslim lands, but also against their own Muslim lands.

Terrorism, in my opinion, should be recognized as a separate creed. People, who ascribe to this detestable creed - whether they have Muslim, Jewish or Christian names - should be grouped in one creed. No religion teaches inhumanity. The Terrorist creed survives on hate. While all Divine religions are based on the concept of a loving and merciful God. All nations of the world must unite against the creed of terrorists.

For, otherwise, it is only a matter of time before more humans lose their lives, to the creed of terrorists. However, a permanent solution for "Terrorism" should not only aim at the complete annihilation of the existing terrorists, but should also uproot the causes which have yielded the detestable tree. For without the complete removal of the cause, we would only make the next generation of the 'Terrorists' even more committed to their cause, posing a bigger potential threat to the humankind.

Religious intolerance, illiteracy, poverty, sectarianism and developing a psychic of hate, rather than love, to get the loyalties and commitments of a people, just to name a few, are some of the major roots, which are fertilizers for the crop of terrorists. Any war against 'Terrorism', which does not remove these causes and concentrates only on removing the already prepared crop, shall...