Terrorism in the mind of god.

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In the last half century terrorism has been a problem facing the global community. From religious fundamentalists to anti-government activists, as more people's views come in conflict with each other more infamous acts are sure to occur. If nothing is done soon to dampen the effects of terrorism, panic could cause a catastrophic global recession.

The word "terrorism" was first used in 1789 during the French Revolution during a time period know as "The reign of Terror." A group of French revolutionaries had sized power by unrestricted use of the guillotine (a device invented by Doctor Joseph Ignace Guillotine for severing human heads in public executions. The guillotine, nicknamed "the national razor", played a major role in the French Revolution. It not only served as the instrument of death during the radical phase, but its vision and reputation helped provide the revolution with one of its images, that of terror.

Now-a-days, terrorism can simply be described as the fight of the underdog, a harsh and in most cases, immoral way to prove a point physically and politically when all other options have failed.

According to Mark Juergensmeyer, The first religious based terrorism group in the United States was the Klu Klux Klan, otherwise known as the K.K.K. The Klan thrived after the Civil War in the late 1860's. They were devoted to keeping newly freed African Americans out of the voting booths and working in the cotton fields for little or no wages. The Klan's terror escalated into violence and assaulted but after laws passed by the Senate and Congress, the K.K.K slowly started to disappear. After World War I the Klan again immerged to strongly protest women's rights. In the wake of the civil right movements in the late 50's and on through the 60's, The Klan quickly...