Terrorist Attacks

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Tragedy struck the United States of America Tuesday, September 11, 2001. It was a scene until that day, was only imaginable in horror film. Four hi-jacked airplanes crashed, killing all that were on board. One plane crashed in Pennsylvania in an open field, but the other three were not so lucky; one struck the Pentagon, while the other two crashed into both World Trade Center buildings. This was not just a coincidental occurrence; a group of terrorists are the culprits behind these heinous actions. Thousands of people are already dead, while others are still unaccounted for, which are presumed dead. The attack surpasses the devastation caused at Pearl Harbor. America is in a state of recovery with many decisions still yet to be made on how to deal with destruction and culprits behind these hatred actions.

The United States is undoubtedly the strongest country in the world. Terrorists' actions should not be tolerated by any nation.

I agree with military actions against anyone involved with terrorism and the people who harbor these individuals. Terrorism has been a reoccurring problem throughout history and little progress has been made to put an end to these measures. If the United States or some other country does not step up, these malicious groups will continue to kill innocent victims. Osman Bin Laden is the top suspect behind the recent attacks. He is assumed to be hiding somewhere in Afghanistan. The head government, the Taliban, refuses to handover Bin Laden and continues to harbor him. I give my full support to all military actions to capture him dead or alive. I do not believe in capital punishment, but killing innocent Americans cannot be tolerated by any means.

The attacks were not intended just at American lives, but also at the economy of the United States of America. The message was clear, send fear into to the lives of all Americans. The terrorists accomplished their mission, but only for a short period. The market was closed for the reminder of the week after the attacks. When the market reopened, the Dow Jones suffered the lowest point drop in history, plummeting over six hundred points. Airline industries closed flights, cut jobs, and tightened security, sending fear into the public. People were spending less money in fear of a recession. It is now two weeks later, and the economy is on the rise. Flights are operating, sports resumed, and restaurants are flooded. The public will not let terrorists get away with their plan to shatter the United States way of life.

The biggest surprise in my eyes is the amount of patriotism being displayed throughout the United States. There is seemingly some kind of bond between every citizen. Millions of people have showed their support by donating blood, even if there was a long wait. The amount of volunteers helping with the devastation is overwhelming. The amount of money being donating towards the recovery is also astonishing. Some individuals have given more than a million dollars, while companies are donating over ten million dollars. The players on the New York Met even donated all their salaries for one night to the cause. It seems like every single American is trying to pitch in help any way he or she can.