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New Years Eve

The boats were starting to come in. The harbour was filling up quickly. Thousands of people drunk and proud were ready to celebrate a new year, another year being Australian. A country that was supposed to be of of second chances, of escape, a new life. The harbour was packed with thousands of people who have shoved him to the side on the sidewalk, pushed in front of him in lines, interrupted him while being served, talked back to him and taken advantage of him. His skin must read 'Muslim refugee', because no one else seems to receive this treatment. This country has failed to make it the new home that it was supposed to be. They were gathering in that harbour and waiting for something amazing to happen. Waiting for a fresh start. It's a good thing that Australians get so drunk, he thought. Drunks make easier targets.

The boats drifting along the blue in perfect unison, slowing to a controlled stop in a conventional line. The fireworks were timed to go off in in 6 minutes. He watched. He waited. He examined the grey metal arc joining the fascinating but disturbing city together. A Sydney landmark. He didn't know why, it was so unpleasant to him. He didn't even begin to try to understand why it was famous. It was Australian, another so strange, unknown and difficult to wrap his head around.

3 minutes.

He took a minute to think is everything was placed properly. He thought and he prayed of his family, and he wished that he everlasting love that he had for them, hoping they remained safe. He waited some more, for the surprise that would start a new beginning for every body. It would give the city a chance. To re build...