Tess Of The D'urbervilles

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Tess of the D'Ubervilles This story is about a young girl by the name of Tess Durbeyfield. She comes from a poor family with many younger brothers and sisters. Her father drinks on many occasions. One night as Mr. Durbeyfield was working, a young man passes him and says, ? Good night, Sir John.? Well, since his name was simply Jack Durbeyfield, he asks why he called him by such a name as Sir John. The man simply replies that Mr. Durbyfield came from a long line of d'Ubervilles, a wealthy family of the past. Through the years the name has been changed to Durbyfield. At the hearing of this, Mr. Durbeyfield begins to tell all that he is a descendant of the great d'Urbervilles.

A woman who lives in Trantridge was one of the few d'Ubervilles left. Tess?s mother and father wish her to go see her and claim that she is family.

Since Mrs. d?Urberville was quite wealthy, she might could help her own family in their time of need, but Tess refuses their wish. She changes her mind when she has an accident with her father's horse. Sadly, the horse dies, and Tess blames herself. In order to correct the wrong she has done she agrees to go to Trantridge to help Mrs. d?Uberville tend her fowls.

Mrs. d?Ubervilles's son, Alec, also stays with her. From the first time he and Tess meet, she does not like him. Yet, during her time there, he begins to fall madly in love with her. He continually tries to pursue her love, but Tess has no feelings of love towards him. Despite her disliking him, they have one night together which leads to despair in the future.

After about four months of living in Trantridge, Tess decides to return home.