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KA Fernando 2

Eric KA Fernando

Professor Ravy

ENG 112 - 32N

6 October 2014

Go Vegetarian

This picture of Pamela Anderson for PETA was originally published in Now Cooking blogspot.com on July 21, 2010. This advertisement shows of a sex looking woman showing her pull body with full of makeups and her breast open. On the top of the advertisements is the text "Have the Same Parts". On the left side the text reads: "Have a Heart - Go Vegetarians", "a Logo of Cow" and "a Heart symbol" middle of the cow body. The thesis for this advertisement is to compare women's body parts with cow body parts. The purpose is to show people to not eat meat and be a vegetarian. This advertisement is success because it contains attractive picture, perfect symbols, rich color, and text and impresses the audiences and it is give the message clearly.

The intended audience for this advertisement is people who eat meat. The woman is sexy looks, her thick black color eyelash and her blond hair makes so attractive for the audience and it gets attention in first in first site. Furthermore, the woman in the beach dress reflects all her body parts and since she is wearing such little clothing it gives a clear view of her body to the audience. In the picture there are no other people. The woman dominates the whole place herself and it makes advertisement simple and clear. Human are parts of the animal world and this advertisement gives audience to perfect comparison human body and animal body. The message of "human and animal have same body parts" clearly reflects in the advertisement. Heart in the cow body makes the audience think critically. As a human eating meat gives the idea we do not love...