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My name is sam kinley. I?m a 49 year old sinner saved by the grace of God.

I was not raised in church. My father died in a car accident, which was alcohol related when I was 4 years old. My stepfather was an alcoholic.

Over the years I was involved in a number of accidents which I know now that the Lord seen me thru them. But one time in particular was about 12 years ago and this time it was almost fatal ? no fault of anyone else?s but my own. Drinking and driving just doesn?t mix. I was medi-vaced by helicopter to MUSC. I died 3 times, was bleeding internally, broke all of my ribs, punctured my lungs, had to be on a respirator, was in a coma for weeks because of a head injury and when I finally woke up . . . had to learn to walk again.

My family, wife included, thought ?I?d seen the light? so to speak; but I wasn?t ready just yet for the Lord. I thought ?I? could handle my drinking problem.

About six or seven years had gone by and I thought I was ?handling? my drinking problem and I was drinking more and more often. My marriage was falling apart and my daughter had seen too much arguing and fighting. My wife had had enough and asked me to leave.

This is when I hit rock bottom ? I had lost my wife, my daughter, MY family. I left and stayed with my brother in Alabama for a while. He asked me to go to church with him. What did I have to lose? I went and realized that I couldn?t do anything myself ? that I needed Jesus in my life. That is when I asked the Lord into my life and don?t know how I survived without him.

I came back to South Carolina and my wife took me back. I came back looking for a church. I saw a man in a church parking lot in Branchville and stopped to talk. He was Wayne Manning, pastor of Branchville Christian Church and we are members of this church and have a wonderful church family.

My wife and I are members of the Christian Motorcyclists Association where I feel I can encourage and share my testimony with other motorcyclists because I?ve been a part of that world where you have to hit rock bottom and looking up to the Lord is the only way. Thank you Lord for sending your son, Jesus, my savior.