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Leticia Francisco


Politico Studies

18 October 2015

The Common Man

In today's society we are all willing to do anything to fit in .However, Arthur Miller shows us that a tragic hero should include the common man. Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller gives us an excellent example of a tragic hero because Willy Loman a character frailties and flaws. For instance, Willy is someone who want to be a successful man but there are things that won't go his way. He lives his life as a dream and struggles to face reality. In the same way Willy Loman meets Millers expectations as a tragic hero because he is a common man. In fact he is because he wants to be successful and live the American Dream

However, according to Miller a tragic hero has nothing to do with social class. It is an ordinary person like us.

Miller believes that the sense of tragedy comes into being when character is willing to sacrifice all he has, to preserve one thing "his sense of personal dignity". In his eyes he believes things are not looking bright for this person, he might fail but won't give up because that what they desire. The tragic hero won't settle for anything less but to achieve his or her dreams.

Therefore, Willy is definitely a tragic hero; he fulfills all of Millers criteria's. Even though Willy got into a car accident on his way home because he was dreaming, that did not stop him from going to work again. According to Willy "I'm supposed to see Brown and Morrison tomorrow morning at ten o'clock to show the line… I could sell them! "(pg.14). As you can see one of Willis struggles he finds a way to keep on going and does...