Testing by Examination is the Fairest Way to Compare Abilities

Essay by shen19791031F, May 2004

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Nowadays, we might obtain improvement in many aspects of study, for example, various teaching equipment, agile teaching method and so on. However, the methods of testing people's abilities aren't changed. That is examination. There are many arguments about equitable quality of examination. In my opinion, equitable quality of examination is proved by three main points.

To begin with, examination needs to be utilized as a benchmark, and point system is the most common way, which is a system of evaluating academic achievement based on grade points. For instance, if students hope to pass a course in China, examination results of the course must attain to 60, and then they must renew examination or renewedly study the course.

After this, examination can show knowledge and experience of people. Through examination the examinees can not only know own study result but also find out what they still don't know or what they haven't mastered well.

Thus they will make greater efforts to gain greater progress. At the same time, the examiners also can check their work and realize which aspects they haven't done well, so that they will improve their work.

Eventually, examination is the most objective method of testing. Every question has only answer in most examinations, so the examiners can't discretionarily mark, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and so on. Students only answer a model answer, besides this, any answer is marked to be wrong by the examiners.

In summary, I think that examination is a benchmark and most objective method of testing people's abilities. Therefore, testing by examination is the fairest way to compare abilities.