Testing a Theory

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Children, they are both a joy and a challenge most of the time! One of the joys of parenthood is to use your children as guinea pigs, especially concerning their eating habits. As most children are, they are finicky eaters, and their likes and dislikes change with what is convenient for them at any given time.

One said child, who used to reside in our home, named Seth, and is now nineteen years of age. As fussy eaters go, he is the worst, and has been his entire life. He refuses to eat most vegetables, other than the staples of potato, corn, and green beans. Onions, garlic, tomato and bell peppers are an absolute no-no, and he will mutilate a good steak so that none of the meat that he consumes actually has touched the fat on the piece of meat. Watching him eat is exhausting.

A few of the favorite meals in our home are spaghetti, pasta dishes of any kind, or a good grilled steak. In making any pasta dish, some of the best ingredients are onion, bell pepper, tomato and mushroom. Seth, sits at the table and picks every one of these ingredients out of the sauce, and removes them to a bowl before consuming his meal. This process, always takes a bit of time, because he is very meticulous about it, to ensure that all of the offending ingredients are successfully removed. He complains the entire time saying, "why do you put these in here, they taste SO gross." So to prove to him that he was wrong and that he could not taste these ingredients, during the last 5 years of his life at home, every time that a pasta dish was made, the vegetables were placed...