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Rahzine Brown

Ms. Dierig

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18 May 2011

The Tet Offensive

When it comes to cheaters they do not play fair when it come to a competition or any tactical situation, but cheating can have a positive side for the person who is the cheater. The reason why is because the person who is the cheater is using the element of surprise to have more of an advantage against their opponent. The way that the Tet Offensive was considered a cheating tactical movement was because the U.S. decided to make a cease-fire for the celebration for the New Year in Vietnam, but Vietnam decided to use that time to activate a premeditated plan to attack the U.S.

Before the Tet Offensive, the U.S. had their suspicions that an invasion by the enemy was going to happen and Vietnam was making a decision on how to proceed with their plan to attack the U.S.

Vietnam had their decision made by their General Giap. "In late January 1968, General Vo Nguyen Giap began the Tet Offensive. To prepare his army for this effort, Giap had for some time been secretly massing Viet Cong soldiers, supplies, and armaments across the length of

Vietnam. The attack would be wide-spread and conceived in such a way as to create panic and confusion among the U.S. and South Vietnamese, and perhaps stir pandemonium within the U.S.

news and media(Gilmore and Giangreco 151). The reason why this came to General Giap's mind is that he believed it was time for the North Vietnamese to make a major surprise attack on

South Vietnam(Tet Offensive). For the U.S. they figured out General Giap's plans when after General Creighton W. Abrams assumed command of Military Assistance Command, Vietnam often refered to as MACV in...