TET-A-TET café

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Table of Content:

Executive summary 2

I. Introduction 3

II. Situational analysis 4

II.1. The situational environments 4

1. Demand and demand trends 4

2. Social and cultural factors 4

3. Demographics 4

4. Economic and business conditions 4

5. Technology 4

6. Politics 5

II.2. The neutral environment 5

1. Financial environment 5

2. Government environment 5

3. Media environment 5

4. Special interest environment 5

II.3. The competitor's SWOT analysis 5-6

II.4. The company environment 6-7

III. The target market 8

IV. SWOT Analysis 9

V. Marketing objectives and goals 10

VI. Marketing strategy 11-12

VII. Marketing tactics 13-14

VIII. Implementation and control 15

IX. Summary 16

X. Appendix 17

Executive Summary

This marketing-strategy plan will describe TET-A-TET café in terms of its current position in the market. Internal and external analysis would be conducted and written in this paper. Aim of this plan is to reveal problems, weakness, and provide ways through which they can be overcame.

This, also tactics needed for achieving stated objectives would be presented in the paper. For instance, improving quality of products, offer more drinks and so on.

Primary investments in this project will be approximately 8,000 USD. In addition to that, Top Manager is going to increase sales. If for example now sales are 589,560 KZT per month, Financial Manager expects them to be 680,000 KZT. Presently monthly profits are 148,390 KZT that could increase by 20% in two years, if management of TET-A-TET would implement all suggestions made in this paper.

I. Introduction

Café TET-A-TET was opened in summer 1995. It is situated in the center of Lenin Park. Café operates in servicing industry by providing food and drinks to its customers. It is seasonal one, and works only in late spring, summer, and in early autumn. The exterior...